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  • The plumbing consists of the sink, faucet, disposal, and trap assembly. The very first thing I carry out is check to see if there is a drain/trap assembly present. You would definitely be amazed the amount of times there is no disposal or trap assembly present, and surprisingly, instead you discover a bucket. Be sure the drain piping is not \"double trapped\" because this will induce slow drainage as well as possible clogs. Put the stopper(s) into the sink(s) and then fill with approximately 3-4 inches of water. Begin with the hot water since it could take some time to make it from the water heater to the kitchen. When hot water arrives (left side faucet position) switch the water to cold so as to complete filling the sink(s). Don\'t forget to pay attention to any kind of water emerging from the faucet handle itself, which needs to be noted.

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